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Morelli and provide a close reading analysis Custom Essay

Read attached writing by Morelli and provide a close reading analysis. the paper should be 7 to 9 pages long (double-spaced) and include appropriate references and footnotes. I encourage you to read around your subject—that is, do additional research—and urge you to consult printed sources in addition to online materials.
You can feel free to provide illustrations, but these should come at the back of your text, and should not be counted as part of the 7 to 9 pages.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this assignment, which we can discuss more on Monday.

Close reading:
Challenging texts do not give up their meaning easily. Often times, it is essential to re-read such texts. A first reading is about understanding what a text says. This is an issue of reading comprehension.
Close reading requires that you go further than this. A second reading might focus on how the text “works.” How has the author organized their ideas? What is the quality of the evidence? Why did the author choose one word over another? Was the meaning of key terms consistent, or did these change across the text?
This brings us to our third reading, which takes us even deeper. What does this text mean? What was the author’s point? What do you think about the quality or validity of this text? How can this work be connected to other related texts?
Close reading, in short, is an intensive analysis of a text in order to come to terms with what it says, how it stays it, and what it means.

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