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Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World Custom Essay

Water is the planet’s most important resource and the source of life. The earliest sedentary civilizations built their cities along bodies of water like the Nile in Egypt or the Tigris and Euphrates rivers found in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). The earliest humans knew of the importance of water for life and built their lives around it. Humans need water for drinking and growing crops for food. The human body is made up of approximately 60% water, which shows its importance for the survival of any human. Life began in water and needs water to continue. Throughout history, as humans continuously multiplied, they began to live in lands that were not as abundant in drinkable water. In desert regions like Africa, the Middle East and the South West of the United States, water is scarce, and with the ever-growing human population or immigration to these regions, the water resources are being consumed even faster. With the advancement of modern science and the pressure to make as much drinking water as possible for these populations, many new developments have arisen to help this global crisis. The biggest problem with these new developments is that the cost to develop them on the massive scale is extremely high. Although building machinery to create renewable water sources is costly and time consuming, it is a necessity for life, there are steps being taken by scientifically advanced countries to solve this global issue and how its attainability is getting easier and more cost efficient every year

The First Paragraph will talk about the current world problems of how there is not enough water for the demand in many desert regions of the world like Africa, the Middle East and in the Desert regions of Arizona and Nevada in the United States.

The Second paragraph will talk about what exactly creating renewable water sources entails. It will talk about the different programs in the world that are being created to succeed in making drinking water for the masses. Example like Israel and Arizona will be talked about in this research paper.

The third paragraph will talk about future goals of these water programs. Where they hope to bring these water programs and what they hope to achieve with these water programs. How they will reduce the cost and time of making drinking water, and the steps needed to make these technologies globally accessible especially in densely populated desert regions of Africa.

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