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The Founding Fathers were both visionaries and skeptics in perspective as to human nature and governance Custom Essay

The idea that there should be checks and balances embedded in the governance system was the Founders plan to redirect the ‘avarice and self interest’ of any one individual or faction of individuals was indeed an enlightened and realistic perspective.
All three branches were to be embedded in the idea of representative republican government, i.e. representative decision making founded on the rule of law and strong constitution! Power was to flow from the individual as sovereign through the constitution and into the three branches of the U.S. Government.
In this context please discuss the function and pro’s and con’s of each of the branches of government below.
1. Congress (House and Senate): a. What are the strengths of the bicameral legislative plan in regards to solving the challenge of Federalism (balance between States and National Government)? b. What limitations can you cite in the Congress? c. Do you believe the Congress to be functioning for the public interest and common good, please explain?
2. Office of the President, and the Executive Branch: a. In what ways does the modern day Presidency and the Executive Branch fulfill the intentions of the Founding Father’s? b.Does the modern day presidency improve upon or undermine the concept of balance of powers, please explain? c. Does the executive bureaucracy (the executive branch) improve upon or undermine the three branch system as designed by the Founders, please explain?
3. The Judiciary, i.e. The Supreme Court: a. In what ways does the Judicial branch of government, most noteably the Supreme Court anchor the plan of the Founder’s for a balance of power across the three branches of government? b. How significant is the process of ‘judicial review’ in the checks and balances of the government, please explain? c. Is the Judiciary truly above political culture or influence by politics, please give examples?
4. What challenges do you perceive and what changes would you like to see in the function of U.S. government, please explain?

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