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Your topic is "Issues Concerning Modern Technology", Custom Essay

1. Your topic is “Issues Concerning Modern Technology”, follow the instructions in exercise 1, page 38; one page double-spaced is sufficient. Be sure to include a heading for your paper as shown in the example on page 38; if your length should go to two pages, put your last name and the page number in the top right-hand corner (i.e., Maples
2. Annotated Bibliography Requirements ?Create an annotated bibliography, listing sources you find to be credible and important for your chosen topic.
• Find eight sources that discuss your chosen issue. The sources should vary in position. These varying opinions will be important for your first assigned essay. The sources should also vary in genres: article from academic journal, article from credible web page, statistics, magazine and book if possible, etc. Try to have at least three different types of sources.
• When you have your eight sources, scan them carefully. For books, you may need to skim and review the table of contents for points of interest. Take notes, writing down important concepts.
• Create your annotated bibliography. Use MLA style to format the bibliography.
Extensive examples:
? The sources should be listed alphabetically.
? Provide full citation information.
? After each citation, write three to four sentences summarizing the primary claim. In other words, explain the author’s position, and the key points used to support his or her claim.

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