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The goal of the essay is to justify a nomination of the decision for Gender Justice Uncovered Awards Custom Essay

# The goal of the essay is to justify a nomination of the decision for Gender Justice Uncovered Awards.
# please summarize facts and the arguments of the case after the introduction.
# While you read the decision you have to think in the term of (International women’s rights): you should understand what type of rights can be applicable here? what type of argument can be done (using for example, CEDAW)to say who should wine in this case basically? It is a good or a bad case? Also, when you look at the case you have to take into account the CEDAW of women rights Convention and the rights which are protected and the the way that protected in the convention (this is the basic idea behind.
# When you identify these rights (which important in the case) you should also try to do a bit of research trying to understand how this issue was addressed in the doctrine like articles and books and so on in the same issue, because it would help you to develop the argument, support the argument and reasoning. But around this case you should discuss particular issue which arises in the same way you would do it in an article.
# There is a little bit discussion of international law but it is European Convention on Human Rights and the European Convention is not the same as universal level, and universal level have different rights, like freedom of religion is very similar in the ICCPR but then how do you balance freedom of religion against women’s rights. for example here, the right to health (the women’s rights to heath, and in the issue of abortion it may be the right to life if there is a threat to her life (All these type of issues)and for this you need to understand the provisions of the CEDAW that try to balance them against that which rights should gain, and for this you have some articles written on this which would help you to develop the argument and the ideas.
# If you need to know more about the UK case look at references they made (at the end of the decision), perhaps R(Williamson) v. Secretary of state case interesting for you to look at because for some reasons they refer to it, so when you read the UK case try to understand why thy refer to this case and if it is a similar case about a similar issue so it may helpful for you.
# Put the ideas in a coherent and logical manner (originality).
# Do not use news articles.
# Do not use old and not relevant sources.
# Use just recent and relevant sources(from 2009 to 2013).
# Use a lot of journals that relevant to the subject, also use some books, reports, legislation and cases law (where they are relevant).
# I need the count of words 8000 words including the footnotes.
# the information of the front page are: Essay Title(Analysis of Doogan & Wood case)
Course Name(Women’s rights) Lecturer’s Name(Ekaterina Yahyaoui)
My Name(Saliha Alqarni)
Student Number
Month and Year
Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway

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