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The oppression of femininity leads to a loss of self-worth and sanity Custom Essay

In his theory of tragedy, Aristotle said that a tragedy must possess a certain magnitude. This means that the story is timeless and universal in its themes, and themes we must necessarily understand here to mean ideas. Timeless and universal ideas are those that have consequence and relevance for humanity-at-large, regardless of time, place, or culture. An idea is not a simple concept (i.e. familial loyalty). An idea expresses a particular principle or conviction. An idea offers a particular understanding of how things are, of causal relationships between or among entities, of patterns connecting qualities, acts, or tendencies.

Ideas are often elicited through a well-phrased, provocative question. For example, “To be or not to be?” Ideas explore why. Humans grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually when they grapple with ideas.

But to be truly consequential and relevant to our lives, an idea must be more than ill-founded or uninvestigated opinion. An idea needs to be explored, weighed and considered, compared and evaluated to be meaningful. Indeed, we must deepen the idea through reflection, analysis, interpretation, and connection.

About Hamlet, eminent literary critic and Shakespearean scholar Harold Bloom said: “We read to reflect and to be reflected. … You can make of the play ‘Hamlet’ and the protagonist pretty much what you will, whether you are playgoer or reader, critic or director, actor or ideologue; push any stance or quest into it and the drama will illuminate what you have brought with you. The enigma of Hamlet is that so many are moved to identify with him.” (Bloom, Hamlet: Poem Unlimited)

Consider: What has Hamlet illuminated for you? With what do you identify in the character of Hamlet? Which idea raised in the play – which universal and timeless idea – resonates most profoundly for you?

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