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Policy Analysis Paper

Policy Analysis Paper – Nursing research paper

Policy Analysis or Change is: The issue is the need for a statewide registry for staff in vulnerable adult group home facilities. This would necessitate a training curriculum for these staff which would certify them.. This would allow employers to check backgrounds related to group home employment now they do not require this.

“The MN Policy is a related to this issue can be found in Minnesota Rules 9555.5105 on the dhs website
abuse and neglect of patients related to unsafe staffing in residential group homes. List abuses and cases of neglect and tie them to lack of education of staff and owners in medical and mental health issues, short staffing, and anything else related to “unsafe staffing”
While many adult foster care homes are operated by mental health providers or providers with
knowledge of mental illnesses, some homes have staff with little or no training in mental health and
no supervision by a mental health provider.
Adult Foster Care staff are required to have training but mental health is one of 25 topics providers
can choose to train their staff on. There are no specifics about what this training should include.
As a result, many people have had very bad experiences in adult foster care because of un-trained or
under-trained staff.
The Mental Health Legislative Network will be working to find solutions to all three of these
issues during this legislative session and beyond.
Title page needed, APA 6th edition format, reference pages. We use “Turnitin” it cross references many papers and sources to verify authenticity”.


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