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A study of the Relationship Between Germanys Weapons and Her Aggression

Germanys Violation of The Treaty of Versailles: A study of the Relationship Between Germanys Weapons and Her Aggression.

After World War I the Treaty of Versailles put strict limitations on the size of Germanys military, the number and types of weapons Germany could have, and the amount of ammunition for each type of weapon. These strict limitations extended to Germanys navy as well. Germany was not permitted to have an air force.

When Hitler came to power he started rearming Germany and was aggressively attempting to expand Germanys territory by reclaiming territory that was lost as a condition of the Treaty as well as adding new territories,He used various weapons to achieve this, some of which are not obvious as others.

The paper assignment is to show, and document, the relationship between Germanys aggression and her weapons. Or, in other words, show the relationship between Hitlers weapons and aggression.



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