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Analytical chemistry

Topic: Analytical chemistry

Order type: Coursework


Spreadsheet Calculation of Standard Concentrations for Analytical Calibration

Use the "arithmetric or growth series" function of Excel to calculate the volumes needed to prepare 7 levels of calibration standards of 1.50 mL each from a commercial analytical standard (1000 mL) containing 2000 mg/mL each of benzene, o-dichlorobenzene, and 4-aminobiphenyl. The lowest concentration level must be greater than 1 ppm, the estimated detection limit of the analytical technique. The sum of the volumes of the 2000 ppm standard used to prepare the 7 uniformly spaced concentrations must be between 750 mL and 850 mL to allow for 1 or 2 re-runs of calibration standard or inadvertent loss of standard. What are the concentrations of the standards in mM units?



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