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Development Plan

Topic: Development Plan

Order type: Coursework



A SDP is the controlling document for managing a software project. It defines the technical and managerial processes necessary to develop software work products that satisfy the product requirements.


Lead a software development effort for Defense-Specialists Corporation, a large defense company in the United States.Develop the software needed to operate a fictional network of ground based tracking stations. The effort should be completed within twelve months. The US government customer stresses the need to balance development costs, quality of the software, overall operability and functionality, and delivery time.

In this project, develop the tools for planning, managing, and controlling all software development efforts for the ground based tracking stations. The SDP must also contain project reporting and team communication mechanisms.

SDP Template
Please use the following template

• Adaptable Process Model (ADP) template for Software Project Plan. Download the Pressman suggested outline of the SDP at McGraw-Hill’s SEPA Web site at



1.) Download your preferred template

Make any reasonable assumptions based on understanding of the problem that allows you to address as many sections of the SDP template as possible.

Pay special attention to the following. The bulk of grade will be decided on how well address these issues.

• Project Schedule : Develop a schedule for the entire project. Please take notice that the entire effort should be completed within twelve months as referenced in the SRS, SDD, and STS.
• Project Task Set: Perform a work break down structure.
• Risk Management: Assess and rank the technical risks of the ground based tracking stations. Provide the risk mitigation steps for these identified risks.
• Software Configuration Management: Develop software quality assurance and software configuration management procedures.




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