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It happened on the way to by Rye Barcott Custom Essay

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. opined that “violence never brings about permanent peace.” Dr. King’s quote offers a subtext to ponder it happened on the way to war: A Marine’s path to peace by rye barcott. In this paper I want you to discuss what Barcott learned about peace. For him was peace the absence of violence? Are there difference kinds of peace that Barcott discovered in his journeys? What lessons about peace do we learn from this book? Does Barcott imagine a world without violence or a world of permanent peace?
What do we learn about Kibera Kenya in particular and Africa in general? How does race figure in Barcott’s stories? What is this book’s contribution to world history?
The following are the requirements for this paper:
A minimum of 5 complete pages is required. (Anything less will result in a grade of Zero.
Do not plagiarize. Use quotation marks whenever you quote or use text from the book. Any portion of your paper that is plagiarized will result in a grade of Zero.
Use 12 point font, double-space between lines, and use standard top, bottom, and side margins.
Indent each paragraph and paginate each page.
This paper requires a title page and a Works Cited page.
Do not use the internet. Use only your textbook and it happened on the way to war…

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