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Comparative Political Analysis

Here is the questions:

1. Education Level and Support for Immigration Policy [Length limit: 800 – 1,000
words in total]

Consider the relationship between education level (X) and support for immigration policy(Y). Imagine you have access to data on the independent and dependent variables.

1a. How do you think the two variables are causally related? Please describe at least two possible causal mechanisms and discuss the direction of the relationship.

1b. How would you design a cross-sectional observational study that tackles the way X
influences Y?

1c. How would the cross-sectional observational study differ from a time-series observational study?

1d. Can you think of any relevant Z variables that one needs to control for statistically in such an analysis, to be confident that the relationship between X and Y is causal?

A text you may utilise are Designing Social Inquiry by Gary King

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