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social problem


For this final module writing assignment, you are to locate a published DISSERTATION that presents an inductive argument about some social problem of interest.

In order to successfully complete this exercise, students should write a brief (approx. 1 page) dissertation which addresses the following topics: 1)locate and summarize an inductive argument about your social problem (this should be a written argument, so something in a newsDISSERTATION article, op-ed piece, academic DISSERTATION, or policy DISSERTATION), 2) identify the type of inductive argument (is it a generalization, a statistical syllogism, an argument for analogy, or a combination of types) and explain why it is that type of argument, and 3) provide a basic evaluation of the strength and cogency of the argument using the appropriate criteria (you evaluate statistical syllogisms in a different manner than inductive generalizations and inductive generalizations in a different manner than arguments from analogy).

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