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Introduction To Information Systems

1. Find three recent (from 2012 to 2015) research articles on the Internet of Things (IOT) for home and/or office installation and write a one-page of summary on what you understand from each article.

2. Suggest and discuss 2 IOT items that you believe that can be integrated into the design of Peter’s house which a billing system incorporates for tracking purposes. (2 marks)

3. Draw a rich picture (no hand drawn) diagram and discuss in detail the stakeholders who will be affected by the tracking system. (5 marks)

4. Propose a software development methodology for the project based on a 6 months timeline with project funding of AUD$30,000 excluding all hardware costs. Explain the activities required to develop the tracking system. (4 marks)

5. Show and discuss with the aid of a network typology (no hand drawn) diagram how Peter or his wife could retrieve information from the tracking system. (2 marks)

6. Draw a swimlane diagram (no hand drawn) to show a billing system generates a monthly statement to home residents for the home electricity bill. In addition, you must create a spread sheet to show to Peter and Kelly on their mobile that 1) the daily electricity usage information on each room and 2) the breakdown of data and information of each child’s time spent in each room to update Peter and Kelly. (4 marks)

7. Discuss three benefits and three value added items of the tracking system to IS and consumers. (3 marks)

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