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DUE DATE:  Thursday September 24, 2015 @ 12:45PM (Late penalty may apply thereafter)    

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose one (1) of the following discussion topics and prepare a to 4 page paper that clearly and succinctly addresses the questions raised and/or opinion requested. In preparing your paper, you may confer with any of your fellow classmates and/or use whatever learning resources you prefer, with the exception of your professor. Although you must double-space your content, you may type your paper utilizing any standard format. In addition, make sure to cite your sources in proper footnote fashion, using any accepted footnote style of your choice.

1) Provide four examples of how the U.S. Constitutionimpacts your daily life as a college student living and/or working in our 21st century capitalist democratic republic. B) Ithat context, which proposedamendments to our Constitution would you support, and how likely would such amendments be to occur in the near future? Why?


2) Provide four examples of how the division of powers between the national and state governments (federalism)impacts your daily life as a college student living and/or working in our 21st century capitalist democratic republic. B) In that context, which changes to our federal structure of government would you support, and how likely would such changes be to occur in the near future? Why?
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