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comprehensive strategic plan

Create a comprehensive strategic plan that reflects your research from the textbooks and course materials. This is to be a plan to apply visionary leadership to your church or Christian organization. If you are not currently in leadership of such an organization, write about an organization you anticipate or hope to lead in the future.

The DISSERTATION must adequately detail and explain the mission and purpose of the organization. Be sure to craft and explain the organization’s mission statement.

The DISSERTATION must also distinctly describe the focused vision of the church or organization. Also, explain how leadership will transfer this vision into the minds and hearts of those who make up the organization.

Finally, the DISSERTATION must specifically lay out a clear strategy for implementing the mission, thus fulfilling the stated vision of the organization. Be specific. Use Malphurs’s text, Advanced Strategic Planning, as a guide in developing a well-crafted strategy.

The Final Project will consist of 3 sections:

1. The first section will be approximately 600 words and provide a clear explanation of the church or organization’s mission. A clear and concise mission statement must be included and explained.

2. The second section will be approximately 600 words and articulate the mission-driven vision of the organization. It will also explain how to disseminate the vision amongst the people of the organization.

3. The third section will be approximately 1,800-2,400 words and detail a clear and specific strategy for fulfilling the overall vision of the church or organization.

The DISSERTATION will be 3,000-3,600 words (double-spaced), which excludes the title page, table of contents, and bibliography. The DISSERTATION will have a minimum of 10 total citations with 7 of them utilizing all the required readings for the course and then additional materials as needed. The DISSERTATION will comply with current Turabian writing style or the applicable style guide for your area of study. It must use footnotes if written in current Turabian style.It will demonstrate your grasp of the materials and the integration of those materials into your life. Use the criteria specified in the grading rubric as further guidelines for the project.


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