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protecting privacy rights of individual employees

Review on 2 activities
This is a global business management subject:

There are 2 sets of reviews to complete- student is to write a minimum of 450 maximum 500 words for each set of review. Each review should consist of 2 sections & 1 online reference listed at the end:
1) In section one, express the key ideas you have absorbed from the prescribed activities.
2) In section two, apply those ideas to your own experience. Also mention a company that may have such aspect and describe.
3) online reference listed

Visit the following URLs, and use ‘Questions to consider’ to guide your writing. Remember you can select the number of activities to use in each of your review (i.e., you can either focus on one activity or incorporate the ideas from several activities into your review).
– Hawthorne Studies (activity I)
Questions to consider:
Explain in your own words the main findings of Hawthorne Studies.
Based on Hawthorne studies, explain how norms and status exert influence on an individual’s behaviour.

– Repatriation Integration Program (activity II)
Questions to consider:
Identify the challenges that repatriated employees and their employers face upon their return to home country.
What should the repatriation integration program entail to address the logistical and psychological concerns of the repatriated employees?
– Law of Requisite Variety (activity I)
URL: (First 3 minutes only)
Question to consider:
1) Discuss the dangers of not applying the Law of Requisite Variety to organisational control systems.

– Privacy Rights vs. Employee Tracking (activity II)
Question to consider:
1) What is your view of this issue with protecting privacy rights of individual employees?

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