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Reading Response: – Death of a Salesman

Step 1. Read “Death of Salesman” on page 2108-2176 in THE NORTON INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE 11TH EDITION.

Step 2. Respond to (one) of the following (three) prompts below. Only 100-150 Words.
1. How is the American Dream portrayed in the play? What characters seem to believe in the American Dream the most? What do they risk to pursue it?

2. The plot of Death of a Salesman is fragmented. At times, the play includes flashbacks and Willy’s delusions. What seems to be the purpose of this? What does Miller reveal though depicting the events in this way? In other words, what is the effect on the reader?

3. What are examples of tension in the play? Offer at least three examples of situations that have tension in them within the play. How is each instance of tension resolved (if it is)?

Step 3. Be sure not to consult any outside resources beyond the play. If the play is quoted, be sure to include a page number as part of the MLA reference within the paragraph. A works cited page is not required for this assignment.


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