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Case Study: Social Anxiety



Marcus is a fourth grader who came to the attention of the school counselor based on attendance concerns and a couple of “crying fits” in class during specific social activities. He has a couple of close friends at school, but stays to himself mostly during recess and other interactive activities. His teacher has reported his request to see the school nurse for various symptoms, such as stomachaches and headaches. Missing class has resulted in his grades dropping to C’s and D’s. Additionally, he has been failing reading due to his lack of participation in oral presentations that are required by the teacher. His parents reported that he has been invited to many birthday parties and always makes an excuse not to attend. They always described Marcus as shy, but have noticed it getting worse as he is getting older. He tends to avoid social situations to avoid the physical symptoms of the intense anxiety that he experiences. His parents have been called to pick him up a couple of times after his teacher wasn’t able to calm him down. This has created some distraction in the classroom and the teacher is expressing a great deal of stress.
As a school counselor, you may encounter situations similar to the case study attached. Read the case study provided and prepare a 6 page response DISSERTATION. Use the assigned textbooks ( DSM – V as references,along with the attached journal articles that may be applicable. Your central task in this DISSERTATION is to:
1. Identify the main behavioral concerns for this student, and how the disorder does manifest (and/or could manifest) at school.

2. Note whether or not you would recommend school counseling services for this client; if so, what services? If not, why?
3. Make recommendations for other school-based interventions.
4. Create recommendations for the parent/guardian of the student.
5. Introduce and respond to any additional questions germane to the case.

Each case study should include the following headings: (a) Main behavioral concerns, (b) School counseling recommendations, (c) School-based interventions, (d) Parent/guardian recommendations. You will note that these headings are aligned with each of the central tasks above.
A title page and reference page in APA format should be included with each case study response DISSERTATION. References should, therefore, be cited in your DISSERTATION. The title page and references should NOT be counted as part of the 6 page written requirement. Information obtained from general websites (e.g. WebMD, Wikipedia etc) should not be cited in your case studies and are not acceptable.

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