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Divine Command Theory

Choose one an Ethical Theory which you believe to be correct or wish to defend. Describe and defend that ethical theory.
1. Cultural Relativism or Subjective Relativism
2. Divine Command Theory
3. Egoism
4. Utilitarianism (a version of Consequentialism)
5. Social Contract Theory
6. Kantian Ethics
7. Intuitionism
8. Virtue Ethics
9. Ethics of Care
10. Moral Nihilism

Clearly state and defend an ethical position.

2. Recognize the importance of having an ethical theory.

3. Recognize how difficult it is to defend an ethical theory.

4. Recognize ethical commitments.

5. Recognize and address objections to an ethical view.

6. Learn how to construct valid arguments.

Page 1 should contain:
1. A sentence that clearly states which ethical theory you will be describing and defending.
2. A list of the reasons why you believe the ethical theory you chose is the correct one. These reasons should be propositional in form

One excellent source is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy but that source is very advanced. One should only cite it if you are sure you understand what the entry is saying.
If you wish to use ANY source not mentioned by me or the text, you MUST run that source by me before you use it.
Citations should be done in some commonly used format (MLA, Chicago style, etc.).


Defense of the ethical theory (4-6 pages recommended)
The Defense should contain two characteristics
1. Application of Fallibility (10 points), Rationality (10 points), and Empathy (10 points) in defense of the theory
30 points total
2. Construct at least 3 valid arguments (2 or more types) (5 points each)
15 points total

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