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Growth Poles (as relating to Regional Planning)

You are to research your chosen concept (Growth Poles) using both academic literature and other information mediums (ie govt dept websites) to communicate your understanding of the topic. As this is a conceptual dissertation you must show an understanding of the concept (as a theoretical construct) and using your own words and ideas discuss its main issues/key ideas and include relevant examples to help connect theory with practice.

The aim of this task is to introduce the concepts to the academic audience this allows your tutor to evaluate your learning, which is why it is important to use your own words and ideas.

Need to be succinct and only include the main issues/key ideas surrounding your concept, need to include appropriate references to support your writing using Chicago referencing style
Your dissertation should contain the following:
– a brief explanation and definition of your concept
– defined scope of the concept and main issues and key ideas associated with it
– use examples and/or give empirical evidence for increased clarification and to show understanding
– academic reference and an dissertation structure
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