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hallmarks of cancer

The hallmarks of cancer include enabling replicative immortality (uncontrolled cell cycle),
uncontrolled cell proliferation, evading growth suppressors, resistance to cell death
(apoptosis), inducing angiogenesis and activation of invasion and metastasis.
1. Outline the different stages of the cell cycle, identifying the key check points. Include i) a
description of the role of cyclin proteins in cell cycle regulation and ii) how growth factors
regulate the action of cyclin proteins. Discuss how the regulation of the cell cycle is altered in
cancer (10 marks).
Growth factors that regulate the progression through the cell cycle also are involved in
promoting cancer cell proliferation. They commonly bind to specific receptor tyrosine kinases
leading to activation of downstream signaling pathways.
2. Briefly give a broad outline of the main steps in the ras/MAP kinase pathway activated
upon the binding of growth factors to their receptors. Using epidermal growth factor as an
example describe the role ras/MAP kinase signaling plays in cancer cell proliferation? (10

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