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Healthcare Disparities in The Uninted States


Please write about HealthCare disparities in America. Health disparities is a really important healthcare issue, so write an issues DISSERTATION. Discuss the issue from two viewpoints (ie. Pro and con) and choose one to support. I think most would agree that health disparities are a problem – you might find it easier to focus on a more specific issue related to health disparities such aHealthcare Disparities in The Uninted Statess access to care for nondocumented/illegal immigrants (or another underserved group). The pro might be that we need to reduce health disparities and healthcare is a right, while a con could be related to healthcare spending. I am over-simplifying, but I want to illustrate how the issue should be explored. Please explore the pros and cons of healthcare disparities from several angles and uses several recent articles or data sources to support your claims.

Guidelines that must be met:

1. Give a brief account of the current status of the issue.
2. Discuss why you believe this issue is significant to nursing or health care. 3. Discuss the potential impact that the issue might have on health or nursing.
4. Discuss the impact of the issue from both a positive and negative point of view.
5. Take a pro or con position on this issue’s impact on health care policy and describe an action you would want nursing’s professional organization to take.
6. Give the rationale for your position
7. Document sources of information used to support your points using the APA style manual for citation and reference formatting.
Grading Weights for Issues DISSERTATION:
Weight Importance of the issue 15 Rationale for selecting the issue and how it is significantly related to health care policy 15 Points of view, positive and negative 25 Author position and rationale 25 References (Literature review and other sources) 10 APA style, grammar, composition, spelling, etc. 10 Total 100%
Political Action

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