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home study for a family interested in adoption

1, you are assigned to do a home study for a family interested in adoption. when you arrive at the home for the first interview, you realise that the couple interested in the adoption consists of two gay male.

2, you are working with a high school senior, the eldest girl in a large family from a strick religious background. your client wants desperately to attend college but has been told by her parents that she is needed to care for her younger siblings and assist in her family’s ministry

3, you have been working with a 10 year old boy who has experience behavioural difficulties in school, during play therapy he demostrate with toys how he has set fire to or cut up several cat and dogs in his neighbourhood.

read through the scenario and imagine that you are a social worker with the clients, number and rewrite each scenario and respond with thoughtful reflection incorporating the following areas.

1, what are the assumptions,stereotypes and values that come with this situations


* what are the specific concern, discomfort and fears about working in these situation
* What values do u hold( whether from you family of origin, religion, culture, and gender,social economic status .etc) that impart how u react to this situation

2, how do your values and assumption impact how you see the clients.
* How do you feel about the clients ?
* would you be comfortable working with this clients?
* how might your ability to engage with clients be affected ?
* how might assessment and goal setting be impacted?

3 what information would you seek and what action would you take to move beyond sterotypes that may help you work with these clients.
As a final summary after the last scenario reflect on what you have learnt about yourself through this process and what you would do to promote self awareness as you prepare to become a social worker

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