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main pros and cons of building the power dam in the Malaysian rainforest.

Here are film descriptions.
Does the End Justify the Means?
30 min, 1998
Series: The Examined Life – Episode # 19
Synopsis: Examines how utilitarianism, as conceived by Jeremy Bentham, considers ethical questions, by looking at a massive dam project being built deep in the rainforest of Borneo in Malaysia. The dam will destroy traditional cultures and economies and wildlife habitats, but will also benefit the greater population of Malaysia. Emphasizes the importance of consequences of actions and also discusses what is intrinsically valuable, the value of nature and the deep ecology movement.

Film Questions: “Does the End Justify the Means?”
1: Outline the main pros and cons of building the power dam in the Malaysian rainforest.
2: List at least 4 personal things about Bentham andor Mill that were revealed in the film. Can you relate any of them to their utilitarian ethics?
3: Why does Charles Taylor accuse utilitarian policy makers of “undercounting difficulties” in projects like the Malaysian dam?
4: Is nature an intrinsic value? What contrasting positions do Jonathan Glover and Arnie Naess take on this question?
5: What is the status of animals in the utilitarianism of Bentham and Singer?
6: What you think of Harrison’s closing comment, that at least utilitarianism takes on the problem of sacrificing some for the interest of others, while rival theories avoid the issue (and thus can be of little help when such questions must be faced)


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