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Applications of Social Justice in Psychological Treatment

1. What are at least two limitations of the current APA professional standards around dual-roles in relation to social justice and advocacy?
1b. What might be an example of how social justice work with your clients is inherently a dual-role?

2. Toporek discusses the concept of critical mass; please define this concept and how students of color benefit in this circumstance.
2b. What are two ways in which White students, or other students who do not identify as people of color, might also benefit from critical mass?
2c. How do faculty benefit?

3. Considering Tatum’s seven categories of otherness, what are the implications for a clinician’s investment in, or pursuit of, the three dimensions of counselor multicultural competencies?

4. How is the Meara, Schmidt, & Day (1996) description of the “virtuous agent” consistent with, or best suited for, Roysircar’s social justice conceptualization of “community”?

5. Which of Constantine’s social justice competencies is consistent with which of the Chung and Bemak suggestions for more effective training discussed on page 43?
5b. For each consistency you identify, please present your own ideas or strategies to meet or achieve either the competencies or suggestions you have identified.
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