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Being Jacked in/tuned out


Is it rude to be jacked in and tuned out? When someone starts a conversion with you, do you take off your earphones or leave them on? If you are so into the music you are listening to that you bump someone spilling their latte onto their PDA- is that a problem or just an accident?

If you are riding the bus or subway minding your own business- and someone was calling for help and you didn’t hear them because you were jacked in- oblivious to the outside world- how do you feel? Are you somehow at fault for not coming to their aid?
Does it matter whether you are listening to the Foo Fighters or the Pod Cast of your eBusiness lecture?
If you are tuned out because you are trying to read a book or DISSERTATION in a public place- is that rude?

respond for these two answer what do you think do you agree or not and why? one paragraph is good for each.


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