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Communication research coursework

  1. (40 points) Using the theory of your choice, provide conceptual definitions for two of its constructs, state a hypothesis relating the two variables and give operational definitions of both. The operational definitions should have enough specificity so that other researchers could replicate them just from the information you provide. However, merely citing the source of the operational definitions is not sufficient in this case. (Note these do not have to be original hypotheses or operational definitions.)
  2. (40 points) Provide multiple operational definitions of the concept of media usage involving the medium of your choice. Usage is defined as the observable act of media consumption. There should be one each representing nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio levels of measurement, suitable for inclusion in a survey instrument. The operational definitions should, of course, enough specificity so that other researchers could replicate them from information you provide. Again citing the definitions is not sufficient.
  3. (40 points) How would you solve the following ethical dilemma? You conduct a study as part of a group project in one of your classes and your fellow students all co-author a paper that wins a top paper award at an academic conference. Subsequently, the instructor of the course demands first authorship for the purposes of journal publication on the grounds that he/she was the director of all student projects. How would you handle that?

4.( 30 points) Explain how would you improve the reliability of measurement scales. What specific test you would conduct for establishing reliability? How would you determine that the scale is reliable?

  1.  (50 points) Select one scholarly peer-reviewed article in your selected topic area.
  2. a) Summarize the article
  3. b) Are the central concepts clearly explained? Arguments are supported with evidence?
  4. b) Identify contradictions/gaps/ or inconsistencies in the text. Are you satisfied by their method of measuring the concepts (operational definitions)?
  5. c) Are there counter-arguments or any counter evidence to their findings? (this requires research and forward citation tracking- and if I can find the counter evidence/argument with a simple googlescholar/library search  you are not getting any points). If there is no counter argument, can you think of any? What is your considered view on the topic?
  6. d) Work your way through a verdict if you are going to use this article in your project or not.


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