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Fremantle Port Australia

Question 1

Based on Fremantle Port. Identify the name of the organisation in your examination answer script. Include any supporting information in an Appendix. Answer the following:

a) Identify the organisation’s competitive advantage. Explain whether or not you consider the competitive advantage to be sustainable?

b) Recommend a set of corporate goals for this organisation.
c) Select one (1) corporate goal from your set of goals (from b above). Write this in your examination script and underneath write at least four (4) measurable objectives.
d) Establish a set of corporate strategies (you must include, Master, Business and Alternative). Briefly justify your choices.
Question 2 (1125 word)
Strategic management is a continual process normally resulting in a written corporate strategic plan:

a) Discuss the methods of ensuring that the corporate strategic plan is linked to the way things actually happen within an organisation and the Management and Functional level issues involved in converting strategy into action.

b) Discuss how an organisation’s corporate plan and implementation are never final; evaluating performance, monitoring changes in the surrounding environment and making adjustments are normal and necessary parts of the strategic management process. Your answer must comment on the continual process in broad terms and specifically address issues as to whom should be involved, when are they to be involved and when the strategic plan should be revisited.

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