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Vocabulary List:

Vocabulary List:

This vocabulary list is provided for reference when making responses to the assigned readings. Consult the Glossary in Part 4 of your text to define the words. To avoid point deductions use words from the Vocabulary List to help find meaning. I will look for at least two in your weekly Discussions. Your usage must help find meaning. There is no deduction for incorrect use, but your ability to employ the vocabulary is expected to improve as the term progresses. Keep the list handy for reference. Please note that when referring to character or narrator/narration you must name the type as listed below. Use of theme is not counted for credit. Improving your vocabulary will assist your search for meaning.

Antagonist Narrator/Narration (first person, third person, unreliable, reliable, omniscient, limited omniscient)
Archetype Paradox
Canon Parody
Catharsis Point of view
Character (round, flat, dynamic, static) Satire
Clichè Simile
Colloquial Stream of consciousness
Conflict Style
Crisis Subplot
Epiphany Symbolic
Flashback Theme
Foreshadow Tone
Genre Understatement
Irony Vernacular


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