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linguistics and english home work

Q1: Consider each of the following suffixes; from the examples given, determine the (i) the part of the expressions with which the suffix combine, (ii) the part of speech of the expressions formed by the addition of the suffix, and (iii) the approximate meaning of the suffix.

  1. –ify: clarify, intensify, purify, solidify, rarefy.
  2. –ity: rigidity, stupidity, hostility, intensity, responsibility.
  3. –ize: unionize, terrorize, hospitalize, crystallize, magnetize.
  4. — ion: invention, injection, narration, expression, pollution.
  5. –less: hopeless, penniless, useless, heartless, mindless.


Q2: draw tree diagrams like those discussed in the text or in the class. Show ambiguity if there is any.

1- impersonal   2- international   3- unaffordable   4- bimonthly   5- biweekly


Q3:Consider these two statements:

1- I learned a new word today.

2- I learned a new sentence today.

Do you think the two statement are equally probable, and if not, why not.

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