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university application

On his university application, Prashad must list his course choices in order of preference.

He must choose four of the six courses available in his major discipline and three of the four courses offered in related subjects.

In how many ways can Prashad list his course choices? Explain the reasoning for your answer.


During a recent survey of ethnic backgrounds of 1000 people in a large city, 513 were Canada, 148 were French 72 were African and 56 were Asian and the remainder were from other groups.

Calculate the probability that a person, selected at random from the population has:

a Canadian background?

an African background?

an “other” background?

que 3

Use a tree diagram to explain why the probability that a family with four children has either all four children of the same gender is 1/8. Assume that the probability of having a girl is equal to the probability of having a boy.

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