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week 1 wrap up discussion

Let’s pause and consider our journey in Word:

Please identify at least one new feature/function discussed this week in the application and explain why it may be useful for you and/or others.

50% — identify the new feature/function

50% — explanation why useful







1 day ago
Crystal Williams
RE: What did you learn?
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My name is Crystal Williams and I really enjoyed learning how to use the highlight feature of Microsoft Office 2013. Applying highlights to a research paper or any important document helps guide a reader’s eyes to what the writer wants to emphasize. The highlight feature also enhances one’s reading by making the document more exciting while viewing. Another point is having a wide range of colors to choose from which gives the writer more options to “get” his or her message across. This particular feature is a must to have in one’s writing arsenal. By being able to express one’s thoughts in color, masterpieces of literary art can be created.

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1 day ago
Mikel Coleman
RE: What did you learn?

There were tons of features on Microsoft Office 2013 that were new to me and looked as if they would make certain projects a whole lot easier. Features like creating citations and bibliographies , make writing research papers so much easier. For me, trying to mimic the exact format for a citation or bibliography in high school was torture! This way all you have to do it input the correct information and it creates it for you. It is also convenient that it saves your citation in the “Insert Citation” drop down menu in case you need to use it again or edit it. Not only does it help out significantly when writing a paper, it is also super easy to nagivate it in Microsoft Office which is always a plus

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