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Chrysler-Fiat Auto Alliance in 2012

Please read the  Case Study “Evaluating the Chrysler-Fiat Auto Alliance in 2012” on pages PC3-33 – PC3-40 and answer the questions at the end of the case, which are as follows: What are your views of the Chrysler-Fiat auto alliance and its status in 2012?Analyze and evaluate Chrysler and Fiat’s strengths and weaknesses before and after the alliance.Compare and contrast Chrysler and Fiat with other auto manufacturers.Analyze Chrysler and Fiat’s 2012 brand portfolio in the world auto industry. How do you see both companies making changes to compete with their competitors?How do you see both companies revamping and overhauling their brands in the short- (1-2 years) and long-term (5-6 years) (see Exhibit I)?What did you learn from the Chrysler-Fiat Alliance and its integration strategies?No outline or bullet formats accepted. Paper must be in narrative format. Footnotes are mandatory. Only author name and page number in body of paper for example (Smith, pg 44). Do not put full footnote at end of each page but, instead, use a Bibliography at the end of the paper. Include a comprehensive References list of all sources actually used in preparing the project, including for each entry the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher’s name, year and page number, if applicable, or the precise web page of the material referenced.

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