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Rhetorical Analysis using Toulmin Method

Inception refers to the act of entering or undertaking a process or a particular stage. It

has a similar meaning with commencement or beginning. This paper focuses on the rhetorical

analysis of the poster of the inception movie and it makes use of toulmin method. It addresses

the question of is this a dream or is it a reality?

The poster’s main claim that seems to be the theme of the movie called inception is

‘the dream is real’ (Inception, 2011). This statement is found on the upper central part of the

poster and it is, used thematically. It is the accurate and effective remark for the men who are

in the poster as they seem to be looking up the walls that are now shattering down wondering

if this is reality (Inception, 2011). They seem to have a dream of going up the same wall

which now is shattering in their own eyes. They are looking up the walls which when one

peers closely have large cracks which clearly indicate they will collapse (Inception, 2011).

The title of the poster which is inception refers to the fact that this marks the

beginning of a journey. The former things seem to be fading as the author shows a city that is

falling apart with a part of a building actually already in the waters (Inception, 2011). This

implies and supports the claim as it implies what their eyes are seeing is actually not a dream

but the actual happening. The poster uses visual effect to create an impression that the wishes

of the men can only be a dream as the men seem to be standing by the shore where the

building is crumbling. They seem not to be running yet the guns in their hands cannot protect

them. In the very far end there seems to be a shattered building that has fallen to the oceans

(Inception, 2011).

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