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Effects of Orientations to Happiness on Vocational Identity Achievement Custom Essay

Why is this study/article important? What sets it apart from other studies?
2. What theory does it use or discuss?
3. What does this study/article mean for counselors?
4. What types of studies or other literature are cited?
B. Statement of the Problem (10 points) *Power point slides
1. What is the �problem� or question according to the authors?
2. What need are the author�s attempting to meet?
3. How is the question or problem worth answering and/or important to counselors and why?
4. Identify the hypotheses or research questions? How do the authors suggest answering them?
C. Research Design *Power point slides #10-12
1. Does the article describe an experimental design? Are tests used to answer research question(s)?
2. What type of methodology is proposed? Quantitative (using statistics) or qualitative (using thematic analysis of interviews or artifacts)?
3. Describe the study and how it was conducted (procedure). Include population (who was being studied) and what was done.
4. How was data collected (sources, instruments used)? How was data analyzed?
5. What were the results?
D. Overview of Concept
1. What points are being made?
2. Are the points being made valid or important for counselors? Why?
3. If there are suggestions or strategies for counselors given what are they?
E. Results and Conclusions
1. What were the general conclusions drawn from the overview of concepts or the results of the study?
2. Do the conclusions answer the research questions?
3. How do the conclusions serve to inform school counselors?
4. Would this article be useful for counselors or counselors in training? Why or why not?
5. What other research could be done based on this article?
6. What is your opinion of this article and its relevance?
7. How does article enhance (or not) your learning from this class?
8. What were the limitations of the study? Strengths and weaknesses? How might the study be improved?

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