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Hamlet Unit Test

Quotation Identification:
Identify any two of the quotations. For each of the quotations, provide the speaker (Who said it?), the context (What was going on when it was said?) and the significance (why is this quotation important to the essential questions of the play?). Be specific!
1. “He may not, as unvalued persons do/Carve for himself.”
2.”We pray you throw to earth/This unprevailing woe, and think of us/As of a father…”
3.”Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer / The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, / Or to take arms against a sea of troubles / And by opposing, end them.”
4.”Do not forget, This visitation / Is but to whet they almost blunted purpose.”
Hamlet Act 4-5 Short Answers: Please answer in full sentences.
1. Why does Hamlet call Caludius “dear mother”?
2. What order did Hamlet convey, under Claudius’ name, to the king of England? What reasoning does Hamlet give for his action?
Hamlet Act 1-3 Short Answers
1. What is the play within the play in Hamlet?
2. Why can we consider Hamlet’s Soliloquy “To be or not to be” a turning point of this play?
Hamlet Unit Test Questions:
1. Describe all that has happened to Ophelia in Act Four. (T/I)
2. Two main themes of the play Hamlet are betrayal and lost of innocence. Often these two themes go hand in hand. When is there betrayal and lost of innocence in Act One ? (A)
Hamlet Multiple Choice: For each of the following items, choose the letter of the best answer.
1. Upon seeing the full title of the play (The tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark) what can we infer about Hamlet.
a)He is a real historical figure
b)His father has been murdered.
c)He will die at the end of the play
d)He will be the king of Denmark at the end of the play
2. All of the following are examples of Seneca’s influence on Hamlet except…
a) Claudius poisoning Old Hamlet
b) Hamlet pretending to be insane
c) Claudius marrying Gertrude
d) Old Hamlet’s ghost appearing before Hamlet
3. What influence did Queen Elizabeth I have on the theater?
a) Fearing the spread of the black plague, she discouraged the theater, where many individuals would be in close proximity with one another.
b) Wanting to benefit financially, she encouraged artists to write and perform plays.
c) Concerned about people neglecting work to attend plays, she discouraged theater goers from attending plays.
d) Desiring the promotion of English culture, she provided playwrights with her attendance and financial support.
4. Which of the following did Elizahethan playwrights not use to “set the scene”?
a) Elaborate set design
b) Colorful costumes and props
c) Vivid language and a prologue
d) All of the above
5. In Act I, scene I soliloquy, Hamlet’s reference to Hyperion is an example of|-
a) Romanticism
b) Depression
c) Filial obligation
d) Elizabethan humanism
6. According to the ideas presented in the play, what was the Elizabethan gentleman expected to fight for, no matter what?
a) Faith
b) Family
C) Honor
d) Country
7. ” Not so my lord. I am too much in the sun” (Act I, scene ii, line 67) is an example of a a) Soliloquy
b) Aside
c) Pun
d) Monologue
8. All of the following are true of soliloquies except-
a) The character is alone onstage.
b) To provide balance, every character is given at least one.
c) It is an extended speech.
d) The speech gives some insight into the character’s inner thoughts or emotions.

American Dream
develop an argument addressing both these questions: What economic and social structures challenge the individual striving to reach the American Dream? Can knowing about these challenges assist the individual and society at large in overcoming the obstacles you have identified?

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