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Information Systems Portfolio Project; “Choose a U.S. publicly held corporation from an industry in which you are familiar. (Do not select Walmart, Apple, McDonalds or Coca Cola.)” Custom Essay

Conduct research on the organization using the Internet, and other credible sources.
Your portfolio for that organization needs to include the following:
1. Analyze how people, information, and information technology help the company remain competitive in industry.
2. Analyze Porter’s Five Forces Model in relation to competition within the industry of that corporation.
3. Evaluate how supply chain management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and customer relationship management systems, are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
4. Evaluate how a database management system and a data warehouse are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
5. Analyze how the four agent-based technologies are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
6. Evaluate which of the nine major e-commerce business models are currently used, or could be used, within the organization, and synthesize how these could work together to create value within the organization.
7. Analyze how the organization could benefit from using the systems development life cycle (SDLC), and what type of projects within the organization could benefit from this process.
8. Evaluate the phases of business continuity planning as they relate to the organization.
9. Analyze how the organization could use emerging trends such as Bluetooth, WiFi, cell phones, and RFID to remain competitive in the future.
10. Evaluate the measures the organization takes, or could take, to ensure information is protected and free from security vulnerabilities.

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