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A. Examine elements of the vendor selection process by doing the following:
1. Justify how a cost-benefit analysis will help to focus the vendor selection process.
2. Discuss the difference between a request for information and request for proposal.
a. Explain why one might be preferred.
b. Explain why both may be used.
3. Identify the elements included in writing a request for proposal.
a. Determine who would be the contact person for gathering information on each element.
4. Discuss how you would establish a good working relationship with vendors and company representatives involved in the selection process for new technology.

B. List four functional electronic health record (EHR) applications needed by clinical end-users in the acute care setting.
1. Describe how each application may be used.
2. Identify specific human resources needed in the acute care setting to facilitate implementation of new technology, including training needs.
3. Discuss one strategy that might be used when introducing new technology to enable it to interoperate with old technology in the acute care setting.

C. List three functional applications needed by clinical end-users in the outpatient setting.
1. Explain how each application may be used.
2. Identify specific human resources needed in an outpatient setting to facilitate implementation of new technology.

D. Compare two models being used today in health information exchanges.
1. Describe benefits to developing health information exchanges.
2. Describe current challenges impacting more widespread implementation of health information exchanges.

E. Explain three factors to be considered by an organization in providing a personal health record to patients.
1. Identify two businesses or organizations outside of the scenario offering a personal health record service.
2. Identify three qualities of a personal health record which should be determined before its adoption.

F. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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