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reversal of neuromuscular blocking agents – best practices for reversal; anastesia and pharmacological implication

background of problem, significance, area of concern, specific *population, and study concepts – 2 points
*Problem statement – 2 points
*purpose of the study – 2 points
*rationale and theoretical framework for investigation – 2 points
*research questions (2-3) questions – 2 points
Literature Review – 45 points total
*review of published research in the topic area. Critique, summarize, and evaluate research articles. Offer possible reasons for conflicting findings. Point out strengths and weaknesses of cited research. Identify in the literature if and how conceptual and theoretical frameworks are used and how key variables are related and operationalized – 15 points
*use a table to summarize the literature – 15 points
*provide the reason for the proposed research based on the literature review. Include and review the existing studies on each variable considered, include the findings, instruments used, populations, etc. Identify the gaps in the literature, what is missing? How will your proposed study contribute to the literature – 15 points
Study design and methods (three pages) 30 points total
*research design – description – 6 points
*setting and sampling – place, availability, number and description of subjects – 6 points
*data collection procedures- consent, step by step through the study process. What data will be collected, when and by whom – 6 points
*data collection instruments – describe and provide reliability and validity if applicable – 6 points

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