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Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the drugs ibuprofen and paracetamol with respect to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Use resources such as journal articles, medical and scientific text books, or scientific web based resources (e.g. NIH website, American Heart Association website). DO NOT use websites that include “.com” in their web address as they are usually commercial websites that are targeted at promoting a particular viewpoint related to economic gain.

For your essay:
1. Provide a brief descriptive title of no more than 10 words. Include in the title the drug group that your chosen pair belong to.
2. Introduce the drugs and specify their actions and indications;
3. Describe the pharmacokinetics of each drug comparing the following:
a. How is the drug administered?
b. How is the drug absorbed?
c. What is the bioavailability and half-life of the drug?
d. How is it distributed in the body?
e. How is the drug metabolised?
f. How is the drug excreted?
4. Detail and compare the pharmocodynamics of the drugs. Include the following information:
a. What is the mechanism of action of the drug? If this currently unknown, what is it thought to be?
b. What is the molecular target of the drug?
c. What is the effect of the drug after it binds to its molecular target. Remember you are comparing the two drugs so a step by step comparison is appropriate here.
d. Explain how the mechanism of action of the drug is related to its side effects.

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